Sunday, December 21, 2008

Droidel, Droidel, Droidel gives you all you need to create your own "Droidel" for Chanukah. From the description:
Some religious scholars believe that the dreidel game originated during the times of the Greek-Syrians, and is closely connected to the Chanukah holiday. Because the ruling Greek-Syrians outlawed Jews from learning the Torah, the Jews needed a way to hide their studies. The dreidel became a clever decoy. When Jewish students saw the Greek-Syrians coming, they would hide their books and play with dreidels instead, which tricked the Syrians into thinking they were just playing a harmless game.

In this Star Wars variation, the dreidel and the droid R2-D2 combine to make Droidel!
 Just print out the design (pdf), glue to to thin cardboard, cut along the lines and assemble. Easy and fun!

(via Popgadget)

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