Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gold Brain Optical Mouse

Swiss company Pat Says Now sells this funky gold brain optical mouse. I love their description:
I know everything. No one’s as clever as me. And I never forget anything. From now on all the brainiacs of this world can show everyone in the office how smart they are. Also makes an ideal gift for know-it-alls.
It's a gift that says "you have a lovely brain".

(via NotCot)

Chemistry Stencil Business Card

Sean Michael Ragan works as an organic chemistry tutor and designed a clever laser cut transparent business card that students can use as a stencil to draw molecular rings in the "chair" configuration. I think similar cards would be cool for any chemist (with their molecule of choice, of course). See Sean's site for more info on how he had them made. (via the MAKE blog)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

USB Crystal Engagement Ring

Making the blog rounds this week is this concept for a USB flash drive sporting a Swarovski crystal by Jennifer Flume Design. According to the description two rings can be connected together to "transfer information from one ring to the other." How romantic! (via TFTS)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

St. Patrick's Day: Irish Heritage and Geek Pride

St. Patrick's Day is the day to celebrate your Irish heritage, so why not combine that with a display of geek pride?

Kiss me, I've got Irish DNA! pin or magnet by Geospiza Education at CafePress

Friday, March 14, 2008

Pi, Pi, and more Pi!

Here are a few more suggestions to enhance your Pi Day celebration that appropriate for any day the world goes round the Sun.

Pi Magnet by popartworks at CafePress

Talk Like a Physicist Gear!

Today - 3.14 - is not only Pi Day, but also Talk Like a Physicist Day. Dress for the occasion with a Talk Like a Physicist Day t-shirt.

And just remember that physicists are super sexy
Physicists do it a quantum at a time.
Physicists do it attractively.
Physicists do it energetically.
Physicists do it in black holes.
Physicists do it in waves.
Physicists do it magnetically.
Physicists do it on accelerated frames.
Physicists do it particularly.
Physicists do it repulsively.
Physicists do it strangely.
Physicists do it up and down, with charming color, but strange!
Physicists do it with black bodies
Physicists do it with charm.
Physicists do it with large expensive machinery.
Physicists do it with rigid bodies.
Physicists do it with string and sealing-wax.
Physicists do it with Tensors.
Physicists do it with their vectors.
Physicists do it with uniform harmonic motion.
Physicists get a big bang.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Relativistic Ceramic Art

Clifford Johnson points to the particle physics and relativity-inspired ceramic art of Tamsin Van Essen. They would make very interesting conversation pieces!

Here are a couple of examples:
Light Cone


Venus Flytrap Bug Catcher

The Discovery Channel store sells this nifty Venus Fly Trap-shaped bug catcher
* You set the trap, and it catches the bugs
* Motion activated sensor detects when a bug has entered the chamber, and snaps the mouth shut
* Bait your trap to attract insects
* Transfer insects to your habitats, or release them

(via DVICE)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wearable HTML

Here's a perfect outfit for your favorite HTML coder:
 -  <HEAD>  </HEAD> earrings (from nicholasandfelice's shop at Etsy)
-  <BODY> </BODY> t-shirt (from sapramiska at Zazzle).

Particle Zoo Plush Toys

The Particle Zoo sells cute plush toys representing subatomic particles. You can buy them individually or buy a set. What physicist wouldn't love a 4-pack of bosons (weak gauge boson, photon, gluon, Higgs boson; pictured at left) or a 5-pack of theoretical particles (Higgs boson, dark matter, tachyon, Kaluza-Klein, graviton)? 

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BODIES: The Exhibition Gear

BODIES: The Exhibition features preserved human bodies in active poses with the skin removed so that the muscles and skeleton are visible. If it isn't coming to a science-center near you, you can still share the exhibit with your anatomy-loving girl geek by buying her some of their gear. They sell t-shirts, a companion book, and my favorite, a set of magnets. The human body is so lovely!

Elemental Periodic Rings

ItsNoName sells gold, silver and platinum rings shaped like the periodic table entries for those elements. Perfect for a bling-loving chemist!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Get Pi Day gear in time for the celebration!

Friday March 14 is π Day. has all the gear you need to celebrate, including mugs, T-shirts, and posters. They come in one of two designs: π around the world, and a special design for 2008 featuring Isaac Newton.

When 3.14 finally arrives, head on back to Mathematicians Pictures at 1:59 PM Eastern and 1:59 PM Pacific to watch the official Pi Day Drop of the Giant Pi .

And if your Girl Geek really loves pi, sign her up for the π of the month club!

Desk-sized Milky Way

Living World makes a gorgeous replica of the Milky Way galaxy suspended in a glass cube, using real 3D astronomical data from Japan's National Astronomical Observatory. It's pricey at ¥80,000, but it's a gift she'd never forget.

(via DVICE)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Think Pink Gadgets

Personally pink is not my style, but I know there are lots of girls and women for who it is, so I've rounded up a bunch of gadgets and gear that would make a pink-lover happy. I've included a range of products from old-school Texas Instruments graphing calculators to music players to laptop bags. Something for everyone!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Your Genes Exposed For All the World to See

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is selling a T-shirt with the annotated gene sequence map of human chromosome 1 decorating the front, back and sleeves. It's human genome chic! 

Alien Housewares

Sundog company sells a cute drinking alien bottle holder in both wine bottle size and hot sauce bottle size. Perfect for any science fiction-themed kitchen!

(via Nerd Approved)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

BrainCake Boutique: Be chic and do good is a site targeted to girls interested in math and science. The Carnegie Science Center XPLOR Store carries BrainCake items hat help their cause. The bag, t-shirt and buttons are cute, and the "majority of profits go to support at risk and underserved girls in pursuit of their dreams in math and science." So buy and do good at the same time!

Crocheted Periodic Table

Craftzine points to this clever crocheted periodic table, made by a 15-year-old as a science fair project. Very cool!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nrrrd Grrrl music video by MC Chris

Nerdcore Hip Hop artist MC Chris has posted a cute Nrrrd Grrrl music video to YouTube. Why not make a copy for your Girl Geek's video iPod?

(via Neatorama)

Handcrafted Uterus Earrings

Ooh, I've Got Something to Show You points to some fabulous uterus-shaped earrings from followtheredbrickrd at Etsy.