Friday, February 29, 2008

Stemcell Egg Light

Crib Candy highlights a cool stem cell-inspired lamp by Thai designer Suppapong Sonsang. The lights are sold by Tazana, but I can't tell you how much they cost because their web site won't load if you aren't using Internet Explorer. Because of that, your girl geek probably wouldn't shop there herself . . .

Classic Nintendo T-Shirt Stencil

Marieann at the Let's Create blog has a tutorial and free stencil for creating the handsome classic Nintendo t-shirt pictured at left. It would also be great on a tote bag!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pink Gear: Sandisk Cruzer Fleur USB Drive

If pink is your girl geek's thing, you might want to check out the new Cruzer Fleur USB drive from SanDisk. It's not too pricey, costing $28 for 2GB, $32 for 4GB or $60 for 8GB.

(via Engadget)

F*** You Binary Code Tote Bag

Etsy seller RedPaperRecord has a cool tote bag that spells out "fuck you" in binary.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Scientists are Foxy T-Shirt

The Inkling Magazine shirt shop has great t-shirts. What scientist wouldn't want a "Scientists are Foxy" shirt with the fox printed in gold glitter?

(And Inkling Magazine - a popular science magazine aimed at women - is always a fun read. Go check it out.)

Redhead Genome Project Scarf

Do you knit? Is your girl geek a readhead? She Dances in Dragon designed and knitted a scarf based on the DNA sequence of the MCR1 gene, a variant of which is responsible for red hair in humans. Each base - A, C, G, or T - in the sequence is a different color, making a colorful grid pattern. SDiD has kindly shared the pattern:
It would be a fabulous homemade gift for any geeky redhead in your life!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

UnEarthed Gifts for Rock Lovers

UnEarthed Tees has a variety of t-shirts and other gifts for geologists and other rock lovers.  You can even do good by purchasing one of the items in their UnEarthing Kindness Initiative shop, which allot part of the proceeds to help the victims of the devastating August 15, 2007 earthquake in Peru.

Chocolate Nintendo DS Cases has a new series of cases for the Nintendo DS Lite in "Milk", "Bitter" and "Raspberry" Chocolat colors. They will be available in April.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Elegant Component Jewelry

Component girl's Elegant Electronica Etsy shop has some lovely jewelry made from diodes and capacitors. Pictured: Graduated Drop Fancy Necklace made from 5.6V 500mW Zener Diodes and 2mm shiny sterling beads that are connected via sterling jump rings into chains of graduated lengths.

Carbon-dioxide Crystals on Mars Mousepad

This mouse pad makes frosty Martian carbon dioxide crystals into abstract art.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Han Solo in Carbonite Desk

For geek girls (OK, women) of a certain age, Hans Solo is the epitome of sexy. He's the perfect mix of handsome bad boy on the outside and loyal and brave hero on the inside. Now Tom Spina Designs has the perfect gift for fans like me: a Han Solo-trapped-in-carbonite desk. Awesome!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"And God said . . . " T-shirt

This t-shirt with Maxwell's Equations is the height of fashion at MIT and CalTech - and the error in the equations is a conversation starter!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Giver Her Kissing Disease, the Clap, or a Little Food Poisoning

GIANTmicrobes has a great line-up of plush microbes from Epstein-Barr virus "Mono" (kissing disease), to gonorrhea (the clap), to rhinivirus (the common cold), to Yersina pestis (black death). I especially like the cute E. coli (pictured at left).

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Beauty Brains New Book

The Beauty Brains blog takes a look at cosmetics and other beauty products with a scientific eye - and now they have a book! You can preorder the book now and, as they say, get your copy by spring break. The book includes:
* Answers to over 100 commonly asked beauty questions
* Over 200 pages of Beauty Brains wisdom
* 11 chapters including Skin, Hair, Makeup, Cosmetic Surgery and more
* Beauty Brains quiz section
* Fully illustrated
* Glossy pink cover as chosen by Beauty Brains forum members

And after reading the Beauty Brains book, you’ll know

* How to save money on your Beauty Care Products
* The secrets that the Beauty Companies would rather you don’t know
* Which beauty products really work & which ones to avoid
* And much much more…

And if you order now, you’ll get FREE Shipping! (in the US and Canada)

Fertility Accessories

Stich Pixie has the perfect collection for the biology loving geek girl: uterus coin purses, sperm and ovum card holders, furry vulva-shaped pouches for birth control or pads, lovely sperm-shaped earrings, and more. Check out the entire fertility collection.

(via Inkling Magazine)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Smart Jewelry

Surly-Ramics at Etsy sells handmade ceramic jewelry that that would look great on on anyone who wants to show off their love of science. Pictured above: Science is Sexy, I Love Astronomy Necklace, Atomic Earrings, Darwin Fish, Smart is Sexy. Visit her Smart Jewelry shop for more!

Blinky Art or Functional Clock?

The answer, of course, is both! I actually have one of these binary clocks in my living room and when people see it for the first time it's always the same: first they're mesmerized by the blinking lights, then they realize it's changing every second, then the question "If it's a clock, how do you read it?" *

* There are 10 kinds of people, those who know binary, and those who don't. My friends obviously don't.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Win a Pimped-Out Powder Room

Roto-Rooter is running a sweepstakes to win a "pimped-out powder room", including a Sony Vaio laptop, Apple iPod Touch with Bose Sound Dock, Nintendo Wii, Aquavision heated towel rack/TV/mirror, Pottery Barn mini-fridge, luxury toilet with heated seat, foot spa, drink station and more. Pepto-Bismol pink isn't really my favorite color, and I don't have a bathroom big enough to hold all that stuff (I don't really think it would be much fun playing Wii while weeing, so to speak), but I'd definitely be willing to find space for the stuff somewhere, though . . .

You can enter once a day until the contest ends on April 1, 2008, so enter now!

(via Occasoinal Superheroine)

Retro-Stylish Electronics Cases From Chloe Dao

Project Runway winner Chloe Dao has created a line of retro-styled cases that will let your geek girl carry her iPod, laptop, cell phone, or PSP in style.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Equations

If you haven't already gotten a Valentine's day card for your geek girl, and she has a mathematical bent, you might print out one of these heart-shaped algebraic surfaces from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

Make Conversation Hearts with The Perfect Geeky Sayings

Are the standard conversation hearts too sappy for your geek girl? Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories shows you step-by-step how to replace the sayings with your own message.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mii chocolates

Paul Pape Designs has made the perfect chocolate for your Wii gaming sweetheart: a candy heart that comes in a game unit-shaped box.

Unfortunately, it's sold out, but bookmark his site in case he offers them again next year.

If you pop the marriage question, keep in mind that Paul Pape Designs also offers personalized gaming cake toppers, featuring "MiiSpace" figures designed to your specs.

(via Slashfood)

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

The MAKE Blog has a roundup of do-it-yourself ideas for Valentine's Day. They include a wide range of projects, from bleeding heart cupcakes to LED "I Love You"s . There is nothing like making a LOVE sign or touch-activated valentine (pictured) to show your Geek Girl how much you care. (And there is nothing hotter than a man who knows his way around a soldering iron.)

Valinetines Day Poetry for Scientists!

I give you my heart on this Valentine's Day
In a jar you can keep on your shelf,
With your books and your papers, in cluttered array,
Or a prominent place by itself.
It is really my heart--deep within every cell
Are the strands of my own DNA;
I could have just given you chocolates, but, well,
My message is clearer this way:
I love you much more than a card, or some flowers,
Or trinkets you see in the stores;
So it's off to the lab for a few hundred hours,
And my heart--if you'll take it--is yours.
- Digital Cuttlefish
The Scientific Activist started a new geeky Valentine's Day tradition two years ago: valinetine's poetry (named for the amino acid valine). He's got examples on his blog that I'm sure you could crib as the perfect romantic gesture to your science-loving sweetheart.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Show Your Love With Dopamine

Dopamine is responsible for the euphoric feeling of being in love. What better symbol of your feelings on Valentine's Day? Made with Molecules has special-edition dopamine necklaces with a heart for Valentine's or simple dopamine jewelry for a great gift any time!

Or just send her a card:
In association with

Monday, February 11, 2008

Give Her Your Heart

Give her your heart . . . or at least a something closely resembling it she can wear close to hers. Give her an anatomically correct heart T-shirt, available through

Scientist Valentines

What could be more romantic on Valentine's Day than sending a valentine featuring your sweetheart's favorite scientist? Ironic Sans has created a set of valentines featuring great scientists like Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein. They are perfect to express your feelings for the Geek Girl of your reams.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who are Geek Girls?

A Geek Girl is one who codes, works in a lab, or collects data in the field. She prefers playing WoW to shoe shopping, wears molecular structure earrings rather than a tennis bracelet, and would love to have genetically-engineered glowing kitten. Her leisure reading is more likely to be science fiction than historical romance. She's both smart and proud of her geekiness. She finds traditional girly gifts clichéd and boring.

So what do you get for her? Whether she's your girlfriend, your sister, your lab partner or even your mom, Geek Girl gifts will help you find just the right item.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

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