Saturday, December 20, 2008

Capacitor Folk Art by Obvious Front

OBVIoUS FRoNT takes our discarded computers, radios, televisions and other gadgets and refashions the bits and pieces into jewelry and art. You can find all kinds of fun creations at the Obvious Front shop at Etsy, including earrings, charms and colorful critters.

Image: "Dot Lipped Quartet" charms
The colored dots that sometime appear on a robot's lips are all natural. I like matching them up in pairs for a special look, as most of a robot's personality is in their lips.

This group consists of four Dot-Lipped charms, each one about 1.5" (4cm) tall. They're all built with cleaned electronic components salvaged from discarded TVs and VCRs using lead-free solder.

Each piece is individually bagged with a suction cup for hanging by your computer (helps prevent crashing). A 7mm jump-ring is included for use as a necklace from your chain (turns heads in the IT department). You'll also get four gift cards, making these robots great little surprises for you favorite computer geeks.

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