Friday, July 25, 2008

The Trouble With Tribbles . . .

. . . is that they are oh so soft and cuddly.

Etsy seller coatcheck has some very soft-looking Tribble pillows made from recycled fur coats. They are the perfect accent for any Star Trek-lovers living room or bedroom.
These fur balls do resemble the fast-breeding species in the well-known Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles", but they're more than just toys. They also double as elegant pillows to mix in with your other pillows and decor accessories. The fur has been professionally cleaned and is soft and fun to touch. Recycled from deconstructed clean vintage fur coats, these small pillows are high-design and beautiful but also very amusing at parties, adult or otherwise. The round shape is great on couches as a counterpoint to rectilinear design. These are not perfectly spherical - they are pleasing, slightly flattened spheres. The seam is at the widest diameter and is slightly scalloped - more so on thicker hides like raccoon, but this is evident mainly to the touch, not the eye. We try to make fur balls mainly out of longish-haired furs as we think it works better.

Jokes about this item will ensue... be warned.
(via Ooh, I've Got Something to Show You)

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