Thursday, July 10, 2008

Calendar Geeks: Sexy Girls Who Can Use Their Brains

Want a display that shows that geeks can be sexy too? You might be interested in the 2009 Calendar Geeks calendar. Each month has a different gorgeous geek: chemistry geek, librarian geek, knitting geek, math geek, music geek, grammar geek, steampunk geek, history geek, computer geek, theater tech geek, roleplaying game geek and video game geek. And it marks the important days of the year: 
In addition to the photos, the twelve-month calendar features geeky holidays such as Pi Day, sci-fi cons, birthdays of notable geeks like Albert Einstein and Ada Lovelace, and the Unix timestamp 1234567890.
Sadly, the chemistry geek, Ava, died in May.
The calendar is dedicated to Ava, and her portion of the profits will be donated to a scholarship fund in her memory.
Order a calendar.

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