Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Geek Soap

Etsy seller Swan Mountain Soaps makes a "geek soap" that's perfect for the geek who wants to get simply wants to get clean. Oddly, it's listed under the soaps "For Men" - don't they know that geek girls want to get clean too*? From the description:
At Swan Mountain Soaps, we know the time eventually comes when every geek must drag themself away from their computer and bathe. So we made a soap as smart as you are. No detergents, no fillers, and no questionable chemicals. No fancy fragrances. As a matter of fact, this soap is so smart it doesn't have to be pretty. We know your skin is delicate and fragile from all those hours spent indoors, so we made you something that will get you clean and still moisturize and pamper your stratified squamous epithelium.

while (!clean()) { lather(); rinse(); }

* And they say that "Anakin Skywalker loves" it - so that means their target customer is a petulant wooden-sounding teenager? or people in mobile iron lungs? 

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