Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pink and Shiny Nintendo DS Cases

For the girly gamer, this silver and pink Nintendo DS lite bag is the perfect fashion accessory (shown at left).

If that's not pink enough - or said gamer would like something a big more casual - Dreamgear's 17-in-1 Bundle Pack for Nintendo DS Lite might be the perfect fit. (shown at right)  It includes headphones, a protective case for both your game system and three games, screen protectors and cleaners, a precision stylus and a tote bag.

(via Chip Chick)


Julia Borsos said...

The gaming industry has begun to tailor merchandise for girls, and who can blame them?

I know I'm not guiltless of getting into a game or sci fi just so I could buy the wicked merchandise! :D

scarf said...

Attractive pink fashion accessories! Do you think add one more thing, pink silk scarf?

Birthday Gifts said...

These pink bags are looking very cute. I think these could be the perfect gifts for girls.

COD Tramadol said...

omg these look so cute! very girly! i would love to have them for my DS!!!

baby gifts said...

cool, techy, and very chic!!!
i really love these stuff..
gaming industry is now also under the influence of fashion...

Muhammad said...

Pink color have it own unique attraction.

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