Monday, January 5, 2009

I [heart] Physics T-Shirt

If you love physics - or know someone who does - Neatorama's "I [heart] physics" T-shirt is for you. As a bonus, your purchase helps support the Neatorama blog, which is full of cool and geeky information.

And yes, the atomic structure is wrong. As Neatorama points out:
This is the perfect gift for the physics lovers in your family, who will no doubt tell you that the depiction of the atom is wrong.

So, to pre-empt that, when you hand over the shirt, say "Yes, I know that the Rutherford model of the atom is wrong, but it's darned hard to make an electron cloud design for all you nitpicking physics wankers. If you look this gift horse in the mouth, I'll go all Schrödinger on your ass."

Oh, did I say that out loud?
(Yeah, they are funny too.)

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