Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valinetines Day Poetry for Scientists!

I give you my heart on this Valentine's Day
In a jar you can keep on your shelf,
With your books and your papers, in cluttered array,
Or a prominent place by itself.
It is really my heart--deep within every cell
Are the strands of my own DNA;
I could have just given you chocolates, but, well,
My message is clearer this way:
I love you much more than a card, or some flowers,
Or trinkets you see in the stores;
So it's off to the lab for a few hundred hours,
And my heart--if you'll take it--is yours.
- Digital Cuttlefish
The Scientific Activist started a new geeky Valentine's Day tradition two years ago: valinetine's poetry (named for the amino acid valine). He's got examples on his blog that I'm sure you could crib as the perfect romantic gesture to your science-loving sweetheart.

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