Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Beauty Brains New Book

The Beauty Brains blog takes a look at cosmetics and other beauty products with a scientific eye - and now they have a book! You can preorder the book now and, as they say, get your copy by spring break. The book includes:
* Answers to over 100 commonly asked beauty questions
* Over 200 pages of Beauty Brains wisdom
* 11 chapters including Skin, Hair, Makeup, Cosmetic Surgery and more
* Beauty Brains quiz section
* Fully illustrated
* Glossy pink cover as chosen by Beauty Brains forum members

And after reading the Beauty Brains book, you’ll know

* How to save money on your Beauty Care Products
* The secrets that the Beauty Companies would rather you don’t know
* Which beauty products really work & which ones to avoid
* And much much more…

And if you order now, you’ll get FREE Shipping! (in the US and Canada)

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