Friday, September 26, 2008

Geek Knits: Black Hole Penrose Diagram Scarf

To celebrate the beginning of autumn, all the entries this week will be geeky wearable knits.

Penrose diagrams are two-dimensional diagrams used to illustrate relationships between different points in spacetime, such as "the space-time environment of a hypothetical wormhole connecting two separate universes, which is an extension of the Schwarzschild solution of black holes." (see image at left)

Knitter Maria Korchagin took the obvious next step and created a scarf decorated with a "Penrose diagram of a spinning black hole in empty space." As shown above, the scarf has a dark background and three colors in the design with white indicating r=infinity and the two other colors representing the two event horizons. It's the both stylish and geeky, the perfect cool weather wear for your favorite physicist.

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