Saturday, August 16, 2008

Awesome Girl Geek: The Guild's Felicia Day

Felicia Day may have come to mainstream attention when she costarred in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, but my love for her comes from The Guild, "an independent sitcom webisode about a group of online gamers. It is written for gamers, about gamers by a gamer." And yes, Day both writes and stars in the series. She told Lifehacker:
I would say the end result of writing makes me very proud, but the process of acting is my joy. I created the role of "Codex" because there are not a lot of geek-girl archetypes out there in mainstream media, other than Tina Fey. I tried to tailor the role to feature my best qualities as a performer, and show the world that a lead woman character doesn't have to be perfectly put together to be able to carry a show. I spent years in Hollywood trying to be something I wasn't. When I finally embraced who I truly was and created a role for it, that was when I finally started feeling fulfillment.


If there is a girl gamer in your life, why not buy her a copy of The Guild Season 1 DVD?


Codex said...

Thank you so much for linking my show! We don't have professional PR so blogs like yours are our only way to spread the word. I really appreciate it!

Daynah said...

I just bought my copy and got it signed this weekend! Felicia Day is awesome. :D