Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rhombus: Nerd Chic?

Rhombus is a new line of clothing designed especially for the "geek".
Lisa and James Clunie started Rhombus, frankly so they'd have somehting to wear. Both designers (she, fashion - he graphic design) have been looking for stuff that reflects their own slightly nerdy style, to no avail. Putting their heads together, they came up with the idea for Rhombus: studious, but not stuffy. Fun but not "funny." Cool without all the effort. Somthing for us computer kids who like science and math and bugs.
Honestly, I don't really get it. The people I know (including myself) who like science and math and bugs usually wear something comfortable and practical. IMO, high-collared long-sleeved dress shirts and dry clean-only pants don't really fall into that category. But if it's your style, you should check it out.

You can order clothes directly from their site by clicking on the "Online Store" link (the navigation of the site is a PITA because you can't link to specific pages or easily go back to a previous page). Note that the pants only go up to size 8 and the cut of the tops looks quite slim, so if you are big or tall this line isn't for you.

(via Geek Sugar)

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